Horse Bedding Issues You Need to Monitor

Horse Bedding Issues You Need to Monitor

Finding comfortable bedding is crucial, but it’s not the only factor to consider when choosing the best bedding for your horse. Several horse bedding issues can affect your horse’s well-being if bedding is not monitored regularly. Here are some common problems to watch out for and how to prevent them:

Too Much Dust

Excessive dust in bedding can irritate your horse’s respiratory tract, exacerbating existing allergies and respiratory illnesses for horses and stable staff. To avoid this issue, opt for kiln-dried and dust-free wood shavings.

Horses Eating Bedding

Horses might view bedding as food, which can lead to health problems if they consume too much. Ensure the stable is well-stocked with hay and other roughage to keep them from eating the bedding out of hunger.

Excess Moisture

Monitoring the moisture level in bedding is crucial. Wet bedding can rot, leading to fungi, mold, spores, and other pathogens that can cause skin infections and other illnesses. Keep the stable dry and airy, and promptly remove any wet bedding to prevent rot.

Toxic Materials

Be cautious about the source of your horse bedding. Some suppliers might use wood shavings from toxic trees like bitter wood and black walnut, which can cause colic, skin infections, lameness, and inflammation. Always choose bedding from reputable sources.

Non-Uniform Pieces

Ensure that the bedding is uniform in size. Irregular pieces can cause discomfort for your horse and affect the bedding’s absorbency and appearance. Sift through the bedding to remove any non-uniform pieces.


Store excess bedding in a spacious area that protects it from rain, sun, and wind. If you have limited storage space, avoid buying in bulk. Pay attention to packaging; tightly compressed bales are easier to store and can be more cost-effective in the long run.

Do You Need Horse Bedding?

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