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Energy Holz Gmbh is a bulk supplier of pine wood pellets and wood sahvings including other wood products. We have gained much experience in the supply of wood fuels like ENplus wood pellets, wood shavings, Charcoal and have already understood what clients desire and we have put our best to meet up with all your requests. We are proud to say that along the years we have established several stock locations to ease the supply to our clients , On like other suppliers , we deliver right to your door or any remote area all around the EU. We have also expanded our suppliers to the EU and other parts of the world based on demand . You are at the right place if you are looking for good quality wood fuels at affordable prices with delivery to your door. You can contact us via whatsapp or e-mail to place your orders


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Looking for an efficient and eco-friendly heating solution? Buy pine wood pellets today! Our high-quality pine ENplus wood pellets are made from sustainably sourced sawdust and wood shavings, ensuring minimal environmental impact. With their low moisture content and high heat output, they provide consistent, clean-burning energy for your pellet stove or boiler. Enjoy the convenience of easy handling and storage, plus reduced ash production for less maintenance. Perfect for heating your home or business, our Enplus A1 wood pellets offer reliable warmth and excellent value.

Buy Pine wood Pellets

Pine Wood Shavings 

Pine wood shavings are an ideal choice for animal bedding and various household uses. Made from high-quality pine wood, these shavings are soft, absorbent, and naturally aromatic, providing a comfortable and hygienic environment for your pets or livestock. They effectively control odors, reduce moisture, and help maintain cleanliness in stalls and cages. Additionally, pine wood shavings can be used for mulching in gardens, enhancing soil health, and preventing weed growth. With their natural pest-repellent properties, they offer added protection for your plants. Choose pine wood shavings for a versatile, eco-friendly, and cost-effective solution to meet your bedding and gardening needs.

Pine Wood Shavings


Kiln dried firewood, Wood pellets, wood briquettes parked in crates or mesh bags.

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