Optimal Bedding Quantity For Your Horses

Optimal Bedding Quantity For Your Horses

It is quite important to know the Optimal Bedding Quantity For Your Horses. Equine bedding plays a crucial role in absorbing moisture and toxic ammonia odors from urine and manure while providing comfort and cushioning to reduce the risk of injury. Determining the right amount of bedding for your horses involves several key factors:

Factors to Consider

1. The Needs of Your Horses

Each horse has unique requirements. Horses confined to a stall due to age, injury, or arthritis will need more bedding than those that spend most of their time outdoors. Extra bedding is necessary to absorb larger amounts of urine and moisture, providing additional comfort for horses with joint issues.

2. Stall Flooring

The type of stall flooring impacts bedding requirements. Stalls with dirt or concrete floors typically require more bedding compared to those with mat flooring, which provide some cushioning on their own.

3. Type of Bedding

Different types of bedding offer varying levels of cushioning and absorption, affecting the amount needed. Common options include pine shavings, fir, straw, pellets, and paper bedding. Pine shavings are particularly popular due to their availability, softness, and high absorbency.

Calculating Bedding Needs

For a stall with floor mats, you generally need 6 to 8 inches of shavings spread evenly from wall to wall. Ensure you cover all corners and along the walls for optimal coverage. To calculate the amount of bedding needed, multiply the stall’s length, width, and the desired height of the shavings. For example, a 12×12 foot stall requires at least 72 cubic feet of shavings.


How much bedding should a horse have?

A horse should have enough bedding to provide comfort and absorb moisture. Typically, this means spreading bedding to a depth of 6 to 8 inches.

How many bags of bedding per horse stall?

For a standard 12×12-foot horse stall, you will typically need 4 to 6 bags of bedding to achieve the recommended 6 to 8 inches of coverage.

How many bales of shavings to fill a stable?

To fill a 12×12-foot stable to the recommended depth, you will generally need about 3 to 4 bales of shavings. This amount may vary based on the density and type of shavings used.

Where to Buy Pine Shavings for Horse Bedding

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