Understanding the Price of Baled Shavings – Cubic Feet vs. Bags

Baled Shavings

When selecting horse bedding, finding the right balance between quality, cost, and convenience is crucial. One option that stands out for its ease of transport and storage is compressed baled shavings. This comprehensive guide will help you understand the value of compressed baled shavings, focusing on the key differences between cubic feet and bags.

What is a Compressed Bale?

Compression is a process where materials are reduced in size by applying pressure. To illustrate, imagine you have a bag designed to hold 12 pieces of clothing. By folding the clothes and applying pressure, you can fit 24 pieces into the same bag. Although the bag looks the same on the outside, it holds more inside. A similar concept applies to compressing stable bedding.

Bulk, uncompressed shavings are pressed together, typically in a 3:1 ratio, meaning you get three times the amount of shavings in a compressed bag compared to a loose-filled bag. After compression, the product is allowed to expand back to its original volume, which is then displayed on the packaging.

Cubic Feet vs. Cost

The Value of Compressed Baled Shavings

A bag of compressed baled shavings contains significantly more product than a loose-filled bag. Initially, a customer might find loose-filled shavings cheaper than a compressed bag of the same size. However, considering the volume of shavings in a compressed bag, fewer bags are needed, leading to overall cost savings.

Calculating Cost-Effectiveness

When purchasing bedding, it’s essential to consider both the price per package and the expanded volume each bag provides. By understanding the expanded volume, you can calculate the price per cubic foot of the expanded product. This approach helps you determine the most cost-effective option.

For example, if a compressed bale costs $10 and expands to provide 10 cubic feet of shavings, the cost per cubic foot is $1. In comparison, a loose-filled bag might cost $8 but only provide 5 cubic feet of shavings, resulting in a cost of $1.60 per cubic foot. Thus, the compressed bale offers better value.

Benefits of Compressed Baled Shavings

1. Space Efficiency

Compressed bales take up less space during transport and storage. This efficiency is particularly beneficial for those with limited storage space or who need to transport large quantities of bedding.

2. Cost Savings

As discussed, the higher density of compressed bales means fewer purchases and trips to the supplier, reducing overall costs.

3. Quality and Absorbency

High-quality compressed shavings often come from slow-planed lumber mills using fresh, high-grade timber. These shavings are kiln-dried and heat-treated, ensuring low moisture content and maximum absorbency. This process also eliminates spores, mold, and pests, making the bedding safer and more hygienic for horses.

4. Convenience

Compressed bales are easier to handle and spread, saving time and effort during stall cleaning and bedding replacement.

Compressed Baled Shavings in the Fraser Valley

For those in the EU and UK area seeking premium wood shavings, Energy Holz Gmbh is a trusted provider. Committed to delivering the highest quality wood shavings, Energy Holz Gmbh ensures comfortable and safe bedding for your equine family.

Quality Assurance at Energy Holz Gmbh.

Energy Holz Gmbh. sources shavings from slow-planed lumber mills using fresh, high-quality timber. Each load of shavings undergoes thorough kiln-drying and heat treatment, ensuring low moisture content and maximum absorbency. This process also kills spores and eliminates mold and pests.

Additionally, the shavings are screened to remove dust and sharp pieces, then placed in UV-resistant and weather-protective packaging. This packaging allows the shavings to be stored outdoors for up to two years without compromising quality.

Why Choose energy holz Gmbh ?

  • High-Quality Materials: Only the best timber is used, ensuring a superior bedding product.
  • Thorough Processing: Kiln-drying and heat treatment guarantee low moisture and high absorbency.
  • Safe and Hygienic: The process eliminates mold, spores, and pests, providing a safe environment for horses.
  • Convenient Packaging: UV-resistant and weather-protective packaging allows for easy storage and handling.


Compressed baled shavings offer significant advantages over loose-filled shavings, including better cost-effectiveness, higher quality, and greater convenience. By understanding the expanded volume and calculating the cost per cubic foot, you can make more informed decisions and ensure you get the best value for your money.

In the EU, Energy Holz Gmbh stands out as a provider of premium wood shavings, ensuring your horses have comfortable, safe, and hygienic bedding. Whether you’re managing a large equine facility or simply seeking the best bedding for your horses, compressed baled shavings are a smart and efficient choice.


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