Ways to Reuse Horse Bedding: Maximizing the Utility of Wood Shavings

Reuse Horse Bedding

Wood shavings are a popular choice for horse bedding due to their affordability, softness, absorbency, and dust-free nature. Stalls lined with wood shavings are also easy to muck out, providing a clean and comfortable environment for horses. Typically, horse bedding made from wood shavings can last for six months or longer before needing to be replaced. But what can you do with used wood shavings once it’s time for a change? Here are some innovative and practical ways to reuse horse bedding.

1. Fertilize Your Gardens and Pastures

Used horse bedding mixed with manure can be composted to create a nutrient-rich fertilizer that promotes plant growth. This mixture is ideal for crops, gardens, and greenhouses. However, when composting horse bedding on your farm, it’s essential to manage the process carefully to prevent leachate (water that has come into contact with compost) from contaminating nearby streams, lakes, and wells. Establishing contained compost sites and barriers along waterways can help mitigate the risk of bacterial contamination.

Benefits of Using Horse Bedding Compost:

  • Nutrient-Rich Soil: The combination of wood shavings and manure provides essential nutrients that enhance soil fertility and support healthy plant growth.
  • Improved Soil Structure: Composting horse bedding improves soil structure, increasing its ability to retain moisture and aeration.
  • Weed Suppression: Applying compost as a top layer can help suppress weed growth, reducing the need for chemical weed killers.

2. Sell Your Compost

Compost containing horse manure is highly sought after by gardeners and small-scale farmers. If you decide to compost your horse bedding on your farm, you can turn this waste product into a profitable commodity by bagging and selling it to locals. However, to sell your bedding and manure mixture, ensure it is well-composted and free from weed seeds. If the compost contains more bedding than manure, it will function more like mulch, which might be less in demand.

Tips for Selling Compost:

  • Ensure Quality: Make sure the compost is fully decomposed and doesn’t contain weed seeds or pathogens.
  • Market Locally: Promote your compost to local gardeners, farmers, and garden centers.
  • Package Conveniently: Bag the compost in manageable quantities for easy transport and use.

Where to Purchase Premium Wood Shavings

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* What can I do with old horse bedding?

Old horse bedding can be repurposed in several ways. You can compost it to create nutrient-rich fertilizer for gardens and pastures, use it as mulch in landscaping, or sell the composted mixture to local gardeners and farmers. Additionally, old bedding can improve pathways by enhancing traction and reducing mud.

* How often should you change horse bedding?

Horse bedding should be changed regularly to maintain a clean and hygienic environment. Typically, stalls should be mucked out daily to remove soiled bedding. Depending on the material used and the condition of the bedding, a complete change may be necessary every few weeks to several months. Monitoring the bedding’s cleanliness and odor can help determine the optimal frequency.

What to do with horse manure and shavings?

Horse manure and shavings can be composted together to create a valuable soil amendment. The composting process breaks down organic matter, turning it into a nutrient-rich fertilizer suitable for gardens, crops, and pastures. Ensure the composting process is properly managed to prevent leachate from contaminating water sources.

How should horse bedding be maintained?

Maintaining horse bedding involves regular mucking out to remove manure and soiled shavings, ensuring a dry and comfortable environment. It’s essential to keep the bedding level and evenly distributed to provide a consistent surface for the horse. Additionally, periodically adding fresh bedding and monitoring for dust or sharp pieces can help maintain optimal conditions.



Wood shavings are a versatile and valuable resource beyond their primary use as horse bedding. By repurposing used shavings for compost, mulch, animal bedding, or pathway improvement, you can maximize their utility and contribute to a more sustainable and efficient farming operation. With high-quality products from energy holz gmbh, you can ensure that your horses and other animals are comfortable and your farm benefits from eco-friendly practices.

For more information or to place an order for premium wood shavings, contact energy holz gmbh today. Our team is ready to assist you with all your bedding needs and provide solutions that enhance the health and comfort of your animals and the productivity of your farm.


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